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Built On Honesty.

We like to think we're not like most "marketing agencies". We pride ourselves on the fact we are straight talking and honest, without trying to mask what we do behind buzzwords and industry chat. In reality what we do is simple, it's about planning, consistency and adaptation.

Our Passion.

We are passionate about building lasting relationships with our clients. We specialise in helping startups grow with a minimal budget. However we also stay with our clients when their budget increases, we just do more and continue the process. The bigger you get the better!

How We Work.

We take the time to get to know you and your business, because marketing isn't a one size fits all. It's important to build your business on strong foundations, with a marketing plan which allows you to bring on new clients and make new sales at a pace that fits your budget and your business.

Where ACTA 201 Started

Digital Marketing with a difference

WRITTEN BY LAWRENCE: This won't be your normal "about us" because I'm writing it and I'm not a content writer. My text doesn't flow like it should, that's why we have content writers on the team. It saves me from embarrassment. I'm a coder by heart so I'm more at home with my headphones on while looking at a screen of HTML code. However I'm not your usual web developer. I love to travel and actually have some colour to my skin, and can usually be found exploring outside of the UK.

In 2015 I quit my "normal" job to travel the world and see what else it had to offer. I loved my job, but I had the feeling there was something else out there. Long story short: There is, but you need money to enjoy it. To fund the lifestyle of doing nothing and enjoying the continuous sunshine, I set up a small company focused on building websites and landing pages called Exigo, this quickly evolved into creating HTML emails for clients, then into building email marketing campaigns and managing them from cradle to grave. Exigo quickly began to grow, I started building a team of experts to help me deliver the solutions my clients were looking for.

I had evolved into a marketing agency overnight. It was then (running as a digital marketing company) I quickly realised that I was very passionate about helping people & their businesses. In particular helping startups manage their small budgets to grow quickly, was something I loved to do. It seemed my pricing and skillset was geared for just that. After all I had been there myself, trying to figure out how the last £10 I owned could be used to bring in clients. That's the driving force behind ACTA 201. We understand startups are growing, so initially have a limited budget.

Just because we like to work with growing businesses, doesn't mean we don't play with the big dogs, in fact we work in connection with some familiar faces, some of which you can see below.


What Our Clients Say

Wouldn't work with anyone else on this stuff!

Alex L

Excellent service, great attention to detail, and creative input. Officially the lowest-stress part of my week. Fantastic and consistent work for a long time, now.

Ryan F

I can not recommend Lawrence high enough, nothing was to much trouble for him, great service will sure be using him again, Thank You.

Eric F

Lawrence not only delivered what we agreed but also helped us out within other areas to help achieve what we wanted to on our mail campaign. I have to admit one of the best services I have received. Many thanks I will be back soon with other work.

Steve C
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