It doesn’t matter whether you are focusing on conference calls or standing meetings, most meetings are a waste of time. Though meetings are generally arranged to boost productivity, they usually do the complete opposite. More often than not, meetings lack organisation and important decisions are rarely made. This is why so many businesses are now starting to view meetings as a waste of time and resources.

Why Most Meetings Are a Waste of Time

  • Meetings Are Not Always Productive - Despite a meeting being scheduled, there’s nothing to guarantee its productivity. Even with a clear structure and knowledge of what needs to be discussed, the majority of meetings are not as productive as they need to be. This is something that’s hard to combat; organising a productive meeting is difficult.

  • People Often Hold Back in Meetings - Meetings are usually made up of people from different departments, different authority levels and different teams. This can mean that some employees hold back their true thoughts and feelings, worried that they will be overstepping or going against the opinions of someone else. By holding back, true feelings are not acknowledged and nothing is achieved.

  • Meetings Don’t Always Have a Purpose - Often, a meeting is held for the sake of holding a meeting. There’s no purpose, no structure and no real reason to be taking time out of the workday. A lot of businesses are now realising that time could be spent better elsewhere, rather than having an unnecessary discussion.

  • Meetings Are Not Always Relevant to Everyone - A lot of people are called into meetings that only require a handful of specific people. This means that the meeting isn’t relevant to everyone in attendance and some people would be better off doing something else, as they have nothing to add and nothing to gain. Not only do irrelevant meetings hinder productivity in the workplace as a whole, but it’s also a waste of individual time.

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