It is no secret that when it comes to marketing your business, social media is a powerhouse that should never be ignored. It is thought that there are over 3 billion global social media users and this number grows daily. This means that when you post something on your social media profile, it has the chance to reach a rather impressive number of people, for very minimal effort.

The thing about social media is, whilst it is powerful, you still need to know how to harness that power and do things right. It may seem straightforward, however, it is easy to get things wrong. To help you along the way, we have put together some of the ways that you can use social media to really have an impact on your business.

Don’t be afraid to reinvent old content

One thing that many businesses seem to worry about when it comes to posting on social media, is how to keep the content new and fresh. Whilst it is important that your audience don’t become bored with the same old content, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reinvent things that you have posted before. Did you create a really great blog for your website? Why not take a bunch of snippets from this content, break them down and create yourself social media posts that not only are going to capture attention, but will also point people back to that impressive blog post?

Be authentic and personal

Social media allows people to share snippets of their lives and these are usually edited to make sure that only the best bits are seen. The same can be said for business profiles. Whilst you always want your audience and potential customers to think that things are all great, sometimes it can be good to let them see a bit of personality to your business, especially if there is anything happening that they can relate to or understand on a more emotional level.

Respond to messages and comments

If you are a big business then chances are that you are going to receive a lot of comments and messages. So much so that it can sometimes be overwhelming. The trick is, don’t be overwhelmed. It is great that you have this many followers and it is even better that they want to communicate with you. Make the effort to reply to messages and comments as quickly as you can. Not only does this show that you are engaging and reading what people have to say, but that you also value their opinions and thoughts too.

Stay committed

All too often businesses put a big effort into their social media, only to lose steam and then give up completely. You need to play social media for the end game, you need to keep at it, even when you may feel that it is having no impact. Before you know it, you will see those results that you are hoping for and all those efforts are definitely going to have been worthwhile.

If you feel like you are a little lost drop us an email and we see if we can help, even if it's just to point you in the right direction.


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